Shooting Star Farm
Contact: Rink Davee and Jenny Bonde
Address: 6970 McNeill Road Mineral Point, WI, 53565
Email Address:
Phone: 608-574-3566
Website: 6970 McNeill Rd
About Us
Rink DaVee’s entry in to local produce came over 20 years ago as a prep cook at Alice Water’s legendary restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley California. At that time the restaurant was sending a truck to the Cannard Farm in Sonoma, CA to pickup fresh vegetables and fruit for the restaurant. After one trip to the farm, Rink was hooked. The following summer he moved to the farm and instead of driving from the restaurant to the farm- he would drive from the farm to the restaurant. In 1991 Rink returned to his Midwestern roots and settled in Southwestern WI- apprenticing and then starting his own farm, Shooting Star Farm.

Certified Organic